Time With Bede

The great eighth-century monk, St Bede, known as The Venerable, was the most learned man in Europe, encompassing more or less all that could be known at the time, and also becoming the historian of a nation. Yet he did all this from the monastery in Jarrow where he lived from the age of seven until his death. 


In this meditation, the notion of ‘time’ is taken in three ways: the times of which he writes, the way he spent his time, and the spiritual significance that time held for him. His life was recounted through readings, largely from his own works, interwoven with original settings of contemporary poetry. 


First performed in Westminster Cathedral Crypt in 2013.



Bede        -   John Gregor

Readers:   -   Christopher Paine

                   Sharon Jennings


Choir:       -   Josephine Stephenson

               -   Rachel Voldman

               -   Benedict Curran

               -   Dominic Walker 

'While the performance was immensely informative, it was through immersion rather than any other educational device, that we learnt about Bede.'


Betty Perks, Oremus Magazine, May 2013

'The momentum of the readings from Bede’s work was maintained by the upbeat narrative writing by Sharon Jennings.'


Betty Perks, Oremus Magazine May 2013