The Other Side of the Ball

The story of the Duchess of Richmond’s ball on the Eve of the Battle of Waterloo. Allied forces under Wellington are all in Brussels, waiting to see what Napoleon will do now that he has escaped captivity and regained Paris. The Richmond family prepare for a magnificent ball in the  house they have hired for the duration.


To begin with, everything is as splendid as the Duchess had hoped: there is dancing, flirting, gossiping, eating and drinking; but the Duke of Wellington is late and rumours start to circulate. They are confirmed when he at last arrives, telling of the French advance.


First performed in the gardens at Allen Hall, Chelsea in 2015.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.



Tamara Saffir           -   Charlotte, Duchess of Richmond


Fr James Campbell    -   Charles, Duck of Richmond


Felicity Jolly             -   Georgiana Lennox, their daughter


Lee White               -   The Duke of Wellington