The Ferryman's Daughter

A dramatisation of the old legend of the first ferryman of the Thames, John Overs. The legend is inscribed at Bankside opposite Southwark Cathedral. It tells how Overs was so mean and possessive that he refused his daughter, the saintly Mary, permission to entertain any suitors.


She however has a secret admirer – who turns out, as her father suspects all along, to be after the family wealth. In a further attempt to save money, Overs fakes his own demise, only to be clubbed to death for real by his startled servants when he ‘comes to’.


A mixture of comedy, original music, and a more serious consideration upon the human desire to control events – even death.


First performed in Westminster Cathedral Hall in 2011, and seeking a venue near the Thames for a second outing. 




Mark Greenan    -   John Overs


Alicia Bennett    -   Mary, his daughter          


James Meunier   -   The Young Traveller


Bragi Arnasson   -   Eadweard, an apprentice 


Lee White         -   Erc, a servant