Shewing of Love

In May 1373, Julian of Norwich was lying at the point of death when she received a series of inner visions about the nature of God and of salvation. Against all the odds, she recovered from her illness and spent the rest of her life thinking and writing about the meaning of her ‘shewings’. 


This reading of extracts from her book 'Revelations of Divine Love', was interspersed with musical settings of lyrics contemporary with her. This was a period known as The Age of Disasters: there was plague, war and a divided Papacy. Reactions veered from a preoccupation with sin and judgement to an abandonment of faith. Julian’s vision is refreshingly different and unique. 


First performed In the Crypt of Westminster Cathedral, in the presence of the oldest manuscript of Julian's work,  in 2012.



Reader      -   Sharon Jennings


Choir:        -   Katye Lee

                -   Kara McLean

                -   Hugo Walker

                -   Dominic Walker