Franz Jägerstätter: social deviant, rebel, hero or madman? 


An ordinary Austrian peasant, he went against his peers and his superiors to take a dangerous stand against Nazi oppression, not only voting ‘nein’ in the plebiscite following Hitler’s annexation of his country, but going on to refuse to take the military oath and join the army.


We eavesdrop as, after the war, the villagers  

reminisce fondly and humorously about him, a boy ‘who always wanted to be different’.

We watch his nail-biting trial, at which he is offered the chance of joining the army with an exemption from bearing arms - a tempting get-out clause which would allow him to return to his beloved wife and small daughters.


But can he take it? He is convinced the war is unjust, and determined to hold on to his free will and his faith. Are they worth dying for?


First performed in November 2015 at The Friary, Westminster, London. 

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Joe Cushley               -   Mayor 


Gary Merry              -   Fr Karobath

                                   / Judge


Meg Lake                 -   Sonja


Carianne Dunford      -   Lena 


Richard Evans           -   Johan


Richard Ward           -   Karl


Franz Jagerstatter      -   Felix Dunning