About Us

The good things that can come from drama – writing it, performing it, lighting it, watching it – are too numerous to detail. Sharon Jennings knew this from having spent (many) years writing plays and musicals for students at schools where she taught.


So in 2010, she decided to turn her attention to professionally produced drama for adults; and Fentiman Productions was born. We have been truly fortunate in finding professional actors and singers who are not only highly skilled and versatile, but able and willing to deliver lines clearly and with meaning. We have so far produced six full length plays and three meditations with original music.


Subjects that attract Sharon are usually ironic or bizarre situations – such as a king charitably visiting someone whom he is torturing – which provide opportunity for plenty of sharp dialogue side by side with clear, poetic speeches. Many of her plays centre around little known historical events or characters, partly out of interest, but mainly in order to explore general questions about the human condition.


As an independent company, all funding comes from donations or Sharon herself. We are therefore always interested in hearing from anyone who is able to offer venues, lighting, costumes or monetry funding in order to help us continue our exciting work. 


Please contact any of the team for more information here.

Sharon Jennings